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  • Why should Oruganti HR Consultant be your choice??

    Our wellspring of delight is the correct competitor being set in the correct activity, coordinating the requests of our customer We concentrate on improving proficiency by giving specific and institutionalized administrations.

  • What distinguishes Oruganti HR Consultant from other agencies?

    Oruganti HR Consultancy remains as an exemplification of resourcefulness for fusing the most recent developments in territories of IT, Non IT and Manpower offices and gear. Our uprightness is the bedrock of the establishment on which Oruganti stands. Our administrations oblige a various rundown of enterprises, to be specific: Sales, IT& Non IT, Telecom, Domestic and Overseas Placements and etc..,

  • What is the estimated timeline required to mobilize candidates for the interview after we receive the Job description from the client?

    One month time as the candidates have to serve minimum one month notice period with his previous Employer.

  • What makes you special from others?

    We have a unique styles from others. We are doing the process its different

  • How is your Process?

    To limit the client's endeavors to choosing a correct possibility to his worry, for that, we screening the hopeful in light of the clients' necessities previously to send them to a meeting. We screening the hopeful in view of his space learning, instruction, capabilities, and past work mastery with his enthusiasm for that specific work, compensation arrangements, direct testaments, mitigating request from the past organization, additional curricular exercises, and family foundation.

  • What are the needs for the meanstack developer?

    For a meanstack developer you have the knowledge on front-end and back-end programing. And learn Agular js, Node js, Mongo DB, React js.

  • We Are The Best Consulted

    We work with individuals to transmit a powerful relationship and offer learning. We isolate our objectives and increase the achievement.

We Are The Best Consulting Company Ever!!