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Strategic Consultants

Strategic Consultants

Oruganti Consultants

Oruganti consultants provide information, analysis, and associated services in the field of economics with the aim of providing a better understanding of the risks and opportunities facing businesses, governments and other groups. In contrast to management consulting, which primarily concerns internal organization and performance, we aim to provide clients with an improved understanding of the economic climate in which they operate. We focus on the developing societies and emerging markets in which political and business risks may be greater, harder to manage, or harder to assess.

What makes us so attractive to corporates:

  • We confront you with the key choices you must make, at the highest levels.
  • Work with an executive team to shape the future of their company. This breaks down into many smaller pieces, including correctly diagnosing the issues the company is facing (internally and externally), focusing on the right questions, collecting data upon which to base judgments; and coming to evidence-based conclusions about what to do next.
  • Find a way for the client company to win in its marketplace. The strategy is about winning.
  • Conducting research to generate all credible choices and options.

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